installation | performance

Within this project, I am questioning the subject identity and one's construction. 
I am putting this question through the issues of frame and informal. We are made of frames. They condition us. The corporal holding of the touch or the frames of social representations. The frame can be alienation but it can be a container we expand ourselves through. I am interested in what happens when you get out from those frames. What negotiation do we deal with for building our own place and get emancipated from them.

This project the performers explore existing frames - postures from the 20's and sewn fabrics.
Framing and desframing the body. Entering and exiting from an other body. Reenacting a past body.
They deform and transform their body until exhaustion.
Reenacting the other body means also “othering” oneself.  The body circulating through various frames, the subject travels through various places. He/she gets through the multiple. What I call the « informal », meaning without a unique fixed form, the possibility of combining various forms, of transforming, without hierarchy. Getting out from determinism and generating heterogeneity. 

Concept and choregraphy | Claire Buisson
With | Claire Buisson, Romain Teule
Photos| Claire Buisson, Claudia Mateus, Archives
Thanks to | Flora Detraz, Luna Paese, Marie Pons, Marion Sage

Coproduction: Le Gymnase-CDC Roubaix
With the support of O Espaço Alkantara, CDC Toulouse, O Rumo O Fumo, l'Oiseau Mouche-Le Garage Roubaix,
Le Vivat-scène conventionnée d'Armentières,
CCO Rio de Janeiro.



1-6 February 2016 Residency | O Rumo O Fumo (Lisbon)
15 nov – 15 Decembre 2015 Residency | Espaço Alkantara (Lisbon)
5-10 Octobre 2015 Residency | Le Gymnase-CDC Roubaix
7-13 July 2015 Residency | O Rumo O Fumo (Lisbon)
11-22 May 2015 Residency | Le Gymnase CDC Roubaix
20-24 April 2015 Residency | Le Gymnase CDC Roubaix
16-20 February 2015 Residency | Cie Oiseau Mouche Le Garage (Roubaix)
25 January 2014  Opening Residency - installation | Festival Vivat la Danse (France)
Octobre 2013 _ April 2014 Residency | Le Vivat-scène conventionnée d'Armentières (France)

24 April-8 May 2013  Residency | Centro Coreografico de Rio de Janeiro- CCO (Brazil) 

For the video of the performance and for other materials contact claire buisson _